Art blog’s up!

I finally put up an art blog here!

I still have my tumblr blogs running, but I’ll also try to post some here, since it can get reaaally crowded in tumblr. I’m also thinking I won’t be using my old art blog anymore–instead I’ll put my stuff up here!

There’s still a lot of fixing to do, but I’ll start posting some of my latest up there, probably works starting a couple of months ago.



On a different note, there’s a pending JeanMarco drabble I’m doing, and I’m gonna have it uploaded here first before I do submit it in AO3.
I write so terribly though. OTL

Walking through walls feels weird

It was probably a couple of nights ago when I had a dream about being able to “walk through walls”, except it’s more like sliding through a wall to get to another place entirely.  But that wasn’t the whole point of the dream.

It happened in my house, or a house identical to ours with a bigger space outside the front.  It was a little stormy, and the wind was blowing hard.  My brother, who’s supposed to be three years younger than me, was even younger in my dream.  There was this “legend” that we were told about that a wolf-like dog and a man would come together and do something grand, I dunno, adventure stuff like Okami.  It was like a bond that can only be compatible to a specific pair, a certain person can’t sync with any other dog except the one destined to him.  So yeah, it’s that cliche.

It so happened that the storm just grew and the winds were so wild, we were curious so we checked outside (don’t do that ever).  My brother was already outside, and there was a wolf-dog there.  It looked like a husky, but it looked bigger and wilder.  I couldn’t get too close to it; its eyes were staring right into mine, and it was one of the weirdest things ever.  I was scared.  But my brother was able to touch it, and hold it a bit.  Until we were told to come inside.

Now, somehow, there was trouble a-brewin’, and some strange dude was in the house and had us come up some stairs.  I can’t recall who was in the house anymore, or if my mom was there, but this dude was wearing a mask and was in some sort of ninja costume that actually looked legit.  He said something about transporting us, and all that, I can’t really remember (should’ve written this down yesterday but I was so busy).  Then he held us fast and suddenly everything was warping: the walls were getting blurry, and we were moving sideways–toward the wall.  There was air rushing through us, even if we weren’t really going fast.  Then we were hitting the wall, but it felt like the wall was some jelly soft substance breaking apart and easing us in.  It was a while that it felt like that then the ride was done.  We were somewhere else, and some time else.  So it’s like ninja dude can travel through time.

Whatever happened after, I wasn’t really sure, cuz the last I remember, we time-traveled again another time, and when I came to, I was on the sofa, lying down.  My mom was beside me, but there was another figure of my mom at the foot-side of the sofa.  She was asking something like, “When are you coming home?”

It seemed like my brother and I really were traveling somewhere else, probably some time else as well.  There was something needed to be done, but I couldn’t remember what.  All I know was I was lying down on the sofa, crying, and promising her that we’d come back soon.

And then I woke up, tear-soaked and hiccuping on the sofa.  My mom had just returned home from her graveyard shift, and I was trying to hide the fact that I was crying.  It was a Thursday morning, and I had to get to school for the panel for portfolio.

Yeah, sometimes I wish I could just make an account about all the weird, realistic dreams I’ve ever had just as soon as I wake up.  I don’t get to have these kind of dreams a lot, most of my dreams are boring and about everyday life.  I wonder when I’ll be able to see something that’s got to do with Shingeki…